Howard Pang
My passion in robotics and engineering has led me to take a leadership role at the University of Waterloo robotics team. I have been active in the team since 2011 and now run the team as the president. For the past four years while pursuing my Mechatronics Engineering Degree, I have gathered a wide set of skills and experience working at Kapsch TrafficCom, Blackberry, AMD, and Qualcomm. My most memorable achievements would be the Autonomous Boat Competition, Mars Rover Competition, Ontario Engineering Competition. My expertise lies in system level design, and embedded solutions.
howardpang28 [at] gmail [dot] com

Meng Xi Zhu
My involvement with the University of Waterloo’s Alternative Fuels team sparked my interest in control systems and algorithm design. I went on to intern at General Motors where I was part of the R&D team developing driver assistance vision algorithms. Since then, I developed gyro-stabilizing control code as a part time research assistant at UWaterloo, augmented reality algorithms at NVIDIA, as well as currently developing ultrasound signal processing algorithms at medical startup Colibri Technologies. I won second place at Waterloo Engineering Competition, and awards & scholarships including placement on the Dean’s honors list every term. I am proficient in algorithm design and real time control systems. In my spare time I actively hack the Arduino and the ATmega for hobby projects.
zhumxcq [at] gmail [dot] com

William Zhao
My knowledge and expertise are in real-time embedded designs. I spent majority of my
internships as an embedded designer at Harris Broadcast. I was designing algorithms for processing real-time on-air video with embedded processors including ARM, Xillinx MicroBlaze and Altera Nios. My interests in these areas have led me to take on a hardware design position, exercising my VHDL skill set in video post-processing on FPGAs. The experience in managing timing constraints on high bandwidth and low latency signals has strengthened my ability to effectively reduce overhead on interfacing with sensors and peripherals on a hardware and software level. My most memorable personal achievements would include the Autonomous Boat Competition and Ontario Engineering Competition.
william87zhao [at] gmail [dot] com

Daniel Park
My academic and professional focus in engineering is centred on mechanics and machines. Through personal and school projects I have developed my abilities in mechanical design and machining. I have further refined my skills through work experience at Natural Resources Canada, Avenir Medical, AMEC Nuclear Safety Solutions and ARUP. My most notable achievements my consistent placement on the Dean’s Honour List and personal contributions to a clinical trial by Avenir Medical.
whanhee [at] gmail [dot] com