The IFC6410 board was used for the project and is a new board offered by Inforce Computing that features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon (APQ8064). This board is the powerhouse of the robot that interfaces to the Arduino and the PC over their WiFi stack and computes all the image processing algorithms with FastCV. The challenges covered with the implementation of the board is the connection of an external USB webcam and the implementation of FastCV on the video feed. Both of these will be covered in the tutorials below. The provided source is configured to be built under the Android source environment. If you are building it on Eclipse, you will need to change all the pointers and settings to the correct locations. To make this demo as standalone as possible, the required FastCV files are included under …/jni/. The GitHub link for the tutorials below are located at: https://github.com/Commanders28/uwfastcvdemo.git

The board can be purchased at http://www.inforcecomputing.com/product/moreinfo/ifc6410.html.