Flexible and Intelligent AGV

Although the robot designed for the ASRS is designed to be most optimal in the redefined shelving structure, there have been other valid use cases for the robot as well. This demonstrates the chance of a much higher return on investment (ROI). In the case that the robot will be more demanded to be used as a regular AGV it will provide the full capabilities, yet with intelligence. As demonstrated in many of the videos in the Video tab, the robot is designed to work robustly with configurable paths. The line following algorithm is demonstrated to work with both reflective and dirty concrete floors, and dark and bumpy carpet floors. The algorithm also allows the robot to intelligently choose between two paths at a cross road depending on the demands and collisions. This use case is perfect for a dynamic situation when the robot is required to operate at unanticipated and dangerous areas which are unsafe for people.

The design of the multiple robots under a hive architecture allows for an insignificant disruption in the warehouse or manufacturing facility when there are failures. Simply take one out for maintenance, and the operations will not be disturbed.


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